Monday, November 3, 2014

See ya later crocagator!

Nobody's listening anyway, so I might as well make a racket. It's been months since sense had much to say, but this time of year stirs the leaves all around the teacup. Family matters are settled, the cat disappeared, we're an international destination with future potential.  Why? Because we have Creme Brulee donuts with their very own plastic vial of Cointreau.  If you think that sounds elitist you may be right. That and the vintage guitar shop next to the record shop next to the microbrew pub. Hell yes I like it here.
But that's not why I'm writing this post. It's to say to one and to all that the most important (does that sound elitist?) music reissue box set collection of all time is upon us. It is titled: Bob Dylan and The Band: The Basement Tapes Complete.  It is American like apples, clean water, firewood and bicycles.
Just listen to the damn thing, all 138 tracks then take a walk outside. You will be better.

Friday, January 3, 2014

The Eve Of Day, Or What's For Breakfast.

One can always ask, and the question remains. The point is not the answer, but what I can do better. Every life looks like your own when the bubble surrounds you, but if you're lucky it will explode. When that happens, the world is colder on both hands, but the way becomes more itself and less oneself.  The garden path is an old analogy to the way of life, and not a bad one.  Where we are upon it is less the point as to how the garden grows.
Last year I sat about the path and kept it clean, and that was fine. Now the time is right for digging in the dirt. Nobody needs to see but the bees, and they are not interested.
Improvisation is what is needed, because the learned way becomes the hard way. I know this, and perhaps nothing more. Tomorrow I'll have a chance of making up something new. Bless the next day!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Google Map Squirrel.

I lived here in 1963. There appears to be a squirrel in the middle of the front yard. Google maps is watching you rodent.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thank You For The

Leftovers are lurking in the fridge, cramming up the place, shoving the everyday cartons and bottles to the back of the shelf.  Songs of holidays are beginning to creep their way into the air, and things, as opposed to nothings, are encouraged to show up in bags and boxes, delivered and absorbed into the rooms and cupboards, some remaining and others banished for being inessential or hideous.
There are quinces and cranberries and pears shoved into mason jars of vodka and whiskey, left to improve our lives and attitudes later on. But it's never too soon to embrace the idea of all this... stuff.  Or maybe it is.  Wasn't it just Halloween?  There's still a cute stuffed bat hanging by the mailbox, and the ubiquitous squashes. Holidays seem to be cramming the calendar like never before, bumping each other in line and reminding us how self-centered they can be. Bad behavior is acceptable at the table. But that's OK, I like to mix it up this time of year. After that, it's more of the same.
Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Reason vs Dumbasses

Hello. I am reason. I have a rudimentary understanding of how a Democracy and Economics work, or at least the ability to recognize when it is working. I like the American life, even if I don't agree with many aspects of how it was achieved. Still, I am appreciative that it exists and wish for it to continue.

Hello. I am Dumbasses. Not sure if that's two words or one, but we are many. We understand that we don't like that the government is doing stuff that the rest of us don't like. We like the other stuff that we got from the Government, but that was before they tried to give other people stuff we might not like. It's bad. This is what we don't like, and also why we are Dumbasses.

Friday, October 11, 2013


When you sit in hot water for too long, nobody wants you for tea.